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Enterprise Technology SOM (ET SOM) is responsible for operations of enterprise IT technologies, including a wide variety of services related to End User Productivity (e.g. Sharepoint, Skype, Email), IT Support (Executive & critical IT support), Network Connectivity, Access Management and Hosting.

Change & Communications Analyst for O365 Microsoft Office365 is a market standard service in the End User Productivity space that continuously evolves and improves through the introduction of new features, updates and changes by the vendor. As a Change Management & Communications analyst you will be responsible for
1. Assessing the impact of changes from a user perspective (in close partnership with the Operate Landscape Managers (OLM) and 2. based on that, build and execute the Change Strategy and Communications strategy to ensure IT stakeholders and Service Consumers/users are timely aware of changes and harness them with the information needed to adopt and adapt to new ways of working. Because the environment is so dynamic it is important to build a solid framework that contains a range of change management and communication activities that can be consistently applied and selected from, depending on the impact. Organisationally you will be reporting into the ET SOM Change & Engagement Lead but you will be working in close partnership with – and as an integral part of the O356 operational team.

Context: The ET SOM Change & Engagement team is a small team of change management and communications experts who support the ET SOM organization with;
• Explaining the business value of ET SOM to internal and external stakeholders and impacted user groups
• Ensuring ET SOM organization is engaged with the ET SOM and IT strategy.
• Support the adoption and continuous Improvement of Enterprise IT Services Accountabilities
• Support maintaining the O365 roadmap and broadcasting upcoming changes round the year
• Performing an impact analysis along with the OLM for the end user community
• Develop a standardized and repeatable change and communications approach to support O365 releases, leveraging market standard information & shell channels
• Drafting the Change strategy including a communication plan based on the impact analysis.
• Executing the communication plan alongside with the OLM.
• Monitor user sentiment & support users with their questions & feedback through designated channels
• Providing feedback of the communications to the OLM.
• Support the OLM with end-user communications during service disruptions
• Evergreening learning materials, knowledge articles and webpages.

Technical Skills and Experience:
• The ability to leverage the Business Change Implementation Methodology (BCIM)
• Self-Directed with an appetite to understand the technologies involved
• User Experience Mind-set & able to translate technical changes into meaningful information
• The ability to work with a wide range of communications mediums to influence and engage stakeholders
• Experience in navigating Shell Communications processes and governance bodies
• The ability to work with business and IT leadership on the messaging and value of change
• The ability to connect the change (solution) to the business process and ways of working
• The ability to pro-actively raise tough issues with senior stakeholders

Soft Skills and Experience:
• Skill – Communications & Stakeholder Management
• Skill – Change Management

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