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Project assignment
Evolve a ready for the future HR Controlling and People Analytics team.

Develop current HR Controlling department to a more streamlined, balanced and well operating department given the scope, current state and ambition.

Current situation:
• A department with skilled and motivated people
• High and not well channeled & managed demand leads to work pressure and feelings of not being in full control
• Not well governed data management and lack of automation leads to non-value added work
• Less clarity in ambition. this translates into maturity steps, balancing all the parts of the work at hand
• More clarity and some decisions are needed on activities in scope relating to the scope of the department

• Strong leadership skills to steer the change needed
• Strong people management skills to engage, motivate and develop the team
• Translate scope into operating model including interface alignment with main stakeholders (eg SSC HR, Finance Controlling)
• Design and deploy demand and supply process incl capacity and capability management
• Set up & sustain master data management governance
• Drive continuous improvement on automation of reports (eg via ‘R’)
• Eliminate waste in processes
• Strengthen agile WOW
• Build all (esp analytics) capabilities needed at right maturity level

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